Dayton's Children

Dayton's Children—The unlikely gang who brought us aviation, ‘The Cash’ and the keys to the road ahead.

History repeats. Today’s headlines of cyberwars, jetliners, corporate scandals and environmental disaster echo back to WWII codebreaking, Murphy’s Law, the Wright Brothers, Colonel Deeds’ Barn Gang, and the epic bad luck of Thomas Midgley, Jr.

For over 100 years remarkable, intertwined individuals have reshaped the way we live our lives, from the keys in our pockets to the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Dayton was the Silicon Valley of its time, and these “grand eccentrics” in the small Midwestern city of Dayton, Ohio changed our whole world. Wherever we live we’re all Dayton’s Children.

By Mark Martel, Mark Bernstein, Kate Hagenbuch Martel, Lauren Heaton, Charles O. Adams, and John Janning.
Illustrated by Mark Martel. Softcover, 6x9 inches, 300 pages.